policy document

Environmental policy

Fameco AB shall work actively with environmental work and strive to provide a product range according to the principles of industrial ecology, i.e. balance technical, economic and social aspects in decisions to achieve the least possible environmental impact.

The company shall work to:

  • increase knowledge and raise awareness of environmental issues within the company by continuously discussing and weighing the environmental impact in employees’ tasks.
  • regularly evaluate the environmental impact and, if possible, minimize emissions and waste.
  • comply with the laws and regulations associated with the business. Also consider customer requirements, ownership requirements and internal requirements when making decisions that govern the business’ environmental work.
  • work for a reduced resource utilization of raw materials and energy by working with continuous environmental improvements in step with what is technically possible and economically reasonable. The best possible technology (BMT) must be taken into account, i.e. carry out the protective measures, observe the restrictions and take the other precautions necessary to prevent, stop or counteract that the activity or measure causes damage or inconvenience to human health or the environment.
  • in all process and product development, if possible, take into account the total environmental impact in a life cycle perspective and pursue and demand environmentally friendly alternatives from suppliers and other stakeholders.



Quality policy

Fameco AB shall provide small parts to its customers under profitable conditions in such a way that all customer needs are satisfied, and a good service is provided. Example of, but not limited to, to small parts products provided are fasteners, sheet metal and wire components. The company must always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and at every transaction be a good reference for future business connections.

The company shall work to:

  • Constantly work to meet and understand the customer’s needs.
  • Constantly improve the company’s routines by actively working to minimize deficiencies.
  • Process requests in a fast and accommodating way.
  • Ensure that our processes are reliable and managed by experienced employees.
  • Handle claims in a fast and efficient way and find long-term solutions.
  • Allocate necessary resources to ensure that tasks can be solved with good results and short lead times.
  • Provide a good service.
  • Maintain good communication between customers, employees, and other stakeholders.
  • Continuously improve the efficiency of the management system.