Small is beautiful

We are proud of our small parts.

We know the value of having the correct solutions in your assembly. And we are very proud of what is possible with our One Stop Shop offer.

Fantastic small parts.

The right small parts raise the quality of your products and make your assembly more efficient. These are success factors. Choose a supplier that is careful with the small details. They can make a huge difference.

Small parts are magic

Being able to assemble components and subsystems to form a whole is magical. 
Steel, plastics and other materials are formed into parts that are assembled into advanced industrial products with an extremely high-quality level. The right small parts and mounting solutions make this possible.

High quality – Always

We manufacture some small parts ourselves, the rest we buy from trusted suppliers. We have designed our own smart solutions for materials supply. Here you’ll find a dedication to industry and innovation that has moved both our company and our customers forward for decades.

We’ll make it happen

With a Fameco solution, world-class construction machines roll out of the factory, lawns are cut, sea rescue boats are launched despite difficult conditions and food from all corners of the world can be found at your local store. We’d like to tell you more about how it works.

“The right small parts raise the quality of your products and make your assembly more efficient